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Kandukur is a town in the district of Prakasam, in Andhra Pradesh. It is also a municipality and a mandal, that is, it is an administrative sub-district or sub-division of a district (the term mandal is equivalent to the word tehsil in India’s Hindi-speaking states). The town has an average elevation of about 632 meters above mean sea level, which is about 2,073 feet. With respect to the other cities in the district, Kandukur is about 14 kilometers west of Singarayakonda, and some 87 kilometers north of Nellore.

As of the 2001 Indian census, the town had a total population of 150,084 people. Male and female demographics were almost even, with the former edging the latter by just 2% – males constitute 51% of the population while females make up 49%. Kandukur’s population is mostly literate, with a 63% literacy rate that is markedly higher than the national average of 59.5%.

The town’s original name was Skandapuri, and the area around it was ruled by Anavema Reddi (also spelled Reddy), widely considered to be the greatest king of the Reddi dynasty, who flourished sometime during the 14th century. They formed part of the ruling class of Telugu society that had ancient roots and even now, the Reddis still enjoy an impregnable social status and wield considerable political power. Their descendants have achieved prominence and recognition in the fields of academics, science, entertainment and politics, to name a few.

Currently, Kandukur is becoming one of Andhra Pradesh’s fastest developing towns. Sensing the importance of literacy and education, Kandukur has a big government-sponsored Arts & Science College named the Tikkavarapu Rami Reddy (TRR) Government College. There have also been two engineering colleges established in and near the town. Aside from these, the town also has three private degree colleges and three basic education colleges. There are also two Zilla Parishad high schools: one for boys and one for girls. With the educational foundation present in Kandukur, many of the graduates are working in big IT companies in and out of the country.

Other signs of progress in Kandukur include the construction of several important facilities such as hospitals, a business center and entertainment buildings like cinemas. Currently, the town has five cinemas to accommodate the viewing public. As for medical facilities, the Government Hospital is considered to be one of the best in town, with newly improved facilities. The Dr. Ajmal Hussain Nursing Home and the Dr. Kota Reddy Nursing Home give effective treatment and service to the people living in town.


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