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Madanapalle is found in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. It is both a town and a municipality with a total population of 190,512, according to the Indian census of 2001. The town is located some 123 kilometers away from the temple city of Tirupati and 122 kilometers from the major city of Bangalore, while the district’s headquarters town of Chittoor lies 91 kilometers southeast from it. Madanapalle covers almost half of the district, and it also happens to be one of the big revenue divisions of the country. It sits at an average elevation of 695 meters (roughly 2,280 feet) above mean sea level.

The town is one of Andhra Pradesh’s fastest-growing cities, owing much to the fact that it is located at the center of the state’s agricultural region. It is noted for the production of fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes. It is also quite popular due to its high-quality silks, which are usually made into beautiful and exquisite saris and other types of clothing popular both in India and abroad. There is a specific place in the town called Neeruguttu where silk saris are available at production cost, which is perfect for those tourists and visitors who want to buy the beautiful garments at a very cheap cost.

Madanapalle is a cosmopolitan center, with different religions mixing together in an interesting display of diversity. In this place, major religious groups such as Hindus, Christians and Muslims live together in relative harmony. There are several important religious spots in the town such as the Sri Lord Venkateswara Temple, the Swamy Ayyappa Temple, the Saptha Kanyakalu Temple and the Sri Anjaneya Temple. The Shiridi Saibaba Temple, one of the oldest temples of Saibaba in India, is also located at Madanapalle. Churches include the Arogyamatha Church, the Indiranagar Masjid and Chamberlain Church and the CSI Church. Culture-wise, the town is a center of vernacular diversity. The literary languages being used are Telugu and Urdu, with many organizations serving as literary fields to the two. The major ones include the Anjuman Taraqui Urdu and the Telugu Poets’ Association.

Owing much to its relatively high elevation, Madanapalle has a pleasantly mild climate all throughout the year. Summers are warm, averaging a temperature of 30 to 35 degrees Celsius, although there are instances where they can exceed 40 degrees. Winters can be cold, with temperatures between 7 to 15 degrees. This climate, though, is conducive to the crops, which are evident by the large annual produce they residents are able to harvest. Summers usually last from March to June, followed by the rainy season that starts in July and finally winter, which can last until February. Rainy season remains pleasant although temperatures tended to become higher in recent years.

Several spots worth visiting in Madanapalle include the Horsley Hills, a small hill station and a popular summer resort, the old house of Sri Jiddu Krishnamurthy, the famous Indian philosopher, and the Besant Theosophical College.


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